Now that I’ve got a glove, how do I break it in?  Gloves that are made of Leather, (Pig’s hide, Cow hide, or even Kangaroo) will all break in with a little time and effort.  Vinyl gloves will generally cost less but don’t break in, or mold to the shape of your hand. The best way that I know of to break in a glove is the traditional method.  Start by putting about one Tablespoon of liquid glove conditioner (I like Rawlings Gloveolium) on a cotton rag. Put a liberal coating of oil on the palm, and in the pocket. Next put a light coating of oil on the remainder of the exterior of the glove. Now that the glove has been oiled, take your rag and go back over the glove, working the oil into the leather.  Now go play toss with the glove. (The oil will start to soften the leather so it shapes to your hand. And catching the ball will start to form the pocket.)  When you’re done playing toss, put a ball in the pocket of the glove. Wrap the thumb and fingers of the glove around the ball to form a crease in the palm of the glove. Use a piece of string or strong rubber band to keep the glove wrapped up.  Ideally for the first week you have the glove, play toss with it every day. When you’re done tie it back up. At the end of the week your glove should be ready for the season.

- Bud Hill